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Kick off meeting of the project in Lublin, Poland – 05-06.12.2019

Kick off meeting in Lublin, Poland05-06.12.2019

Here for You – Soft Skills Pack for Caregivers of Seniors (Here4U) is a strategic partnership under the Erasmus+ programme. Its main aims are:

• increasing the level of seniors` caregivers soft skills

• improvement of competences, linked to their professional practices

• empowering seniors` caregivers

• improvement of the level of seniors` service highlighting the emotional and psychological aspect of seniors` care

• fostering relation between caregiver and senior

• improvement of seniors` wellbeing

• increasing participation and learning performance of seniors

Target groups

There are several groups that can benefit for the project:

• formal and informal caregivers of seniors working as a freelancers or working in nursing/care/residential homes, day care centers. This usually includes professional staff like nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists and caregivers with no medical background.

• People working in centres of culture or senior clubs who are responsible for organising the free time for seniors. Sometimes in these places work professional animators or therapists, but very often those people had no professional background

• Seniors, adult residents of nursing/care/residential homes, day care centres; those who use assistants for living.

• Participants of centres of cultures and senior clubs.

• Owners of nursing/care/residential homes and day care centres and people responsible for HR policy, stakeholders, decision-makers in the field of senior care.

The main outputs of the project will be:  

IO1 Diagnostic Tool for Assessment of Soft Skills

The aim of this output is to create an online diagnostic tool assessing the level of essential soft skills of seniors` caregivers and other persons working with seniors who will receive a written summary explaining their strength and weaknesses as well as suggestions for their further development in relation to the soft skills necessary at their daily work.

IO2 E-learning platform fostering soft skills improvement

The aim of O2 is creation of one complex tool necessary to overall support and facilitate their daily work of caregivers and other people working with seniors.

IO3 Online course empowering seniors` caregivers

The aim of O3 is to equip caregivers and other people working with seniors with digital guides and

materials on increasing their level of crucial soft skills necessary to work with seniors.

IO4 Collection of Best Practice

The aim of this output is to gather the experience of participating organisations from the topic

addressed by the project in a form of a guidebook. This output will be the collection of best practice gathered and adjusted relatively to the concept of the project and disseminated widely amongst the places where the caregivers work, as well as at the decision making level.

Results of the project

As the result of the project we want to:

• Provide seniors` caregivers and other people working with seniors with an online diagnostic tool assessing their soft skills and identifying the areas of improvement.

• Up-skilling seniors` caregivers and other people working with seniors with soft skills methods and tools fostering their empathy, communication skills, patience and other skills necessary in their work

• Equip seniors` caregivers and other people working with seniors with digital guides on increasing seniors` wellbeing, quality of life and social inclusion with use of simple scenarios of activities and classes ready for immediate implementation.

• Raising awareness among seniors` caregivers and other people working with seniors as well as stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of senior care about the importance of soft skills development.


The following organizations take part in the project:

  1. Stowarzyszenie EURO LIDER (Coordinator) (Poland)
  2. Asociación Valencia Inno Hub (Spain)
  5. Odisee vzw (Belgium)
  6. Fundacja EOS (Poland)

Kick-off meeting

During the kick off meeting in Lublin, Poland on the 5th and 6th of December 2019, Partners presented their institutions, the leader presented the objectives and activities to establish the action plan and the responsibility of each partner.

The first activity is to start design the IO1 developing the questions related to the caregiver’s soft skills.

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